Dr. Zora Smyth Thriller Series Book Bundle (PAPERBACK BUNDLE)

by Dobi Cross
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GET THIS COMPLETE SERIES BUNDLE THAT INCLUDES ALL 6 books of the Dr. Zora Smyth Thriller Series!

Follow Dr. Zora Smyth in her race against the clock to save her career and her loved ones! But will she succeed in time? Page-turning medical thrillers filled with unexpected rollercoaster twists and intrigue! Bonus PREQUEL included!

Grab this collection and binge it today!

NOT available anywhere else!


  • Lethal Emergency (prequel)
  • Lethal Dissection
  • Lethal Incision
  • Lethal Obsession
  • Lethal Reconciliation
  • Lethal Adhesion
  • Lethal Retraction
Main Tropes: Strong Female Protagonist, Medical Conspiracy, Hospital Intrigue, Criminal Cover-Up, Betrayal, Innocent Accused, Mysterious Antagonist, Race Against The Clock, Criminal Mastermind, Serial Killer, Reluctant Heroine, Missing Sibling, Survival, Unpredictable Characters, Found Family, Revenge, Deception, Domestic Secrets, and Medical Thriller with Legal Elements
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An overpowering rusty smell hit her nostrils, and Zora almost retched.

As a doctor and a surgeon, she could recognize that scent anywhere. How had it ended up in her trunk?

Zora became lightheaded, and her vision narrowed. Get it together, Zora, she thought to herself. This was not the time for a panic attack, not when her life had turned into a horror movie.

She forced herself to maintain a calm façade even as she felt the full brunt of the first cop’s eyes on her. Something was going on, though she didn’t know what, and Zora needed to hold herself together long enough to figure it out.

The second cop rounded the side of her car and stilled for a second as he looked into the open trunk.

Zora’s heart galloped. What was in her trunk? A dead animal? A dead body? No, it couldn’t be. There’d been nothing in it when she’d parked her car at the airport and gone on her trip. If this was a prank, it wasn’t funny.

The second officer gave a quick nod to the first cop, who then turned to Zora. “Ma’am, you’re under arrest on the charge of second-degree murder. Put your hands behind your back..."