Dr. Zora Smyth Thriller Books 1-3 Bundle (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Dobi Cross
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GET THE FIRST 3 BOOKS in the Dr. Zora Smyth Thriller Series!

Dr. Zora Smyth has been called the world’s unluckiest doctor… cops don’t like her, serial killers are after her, and even her colleagues want her dead. Page-turning medical thrillers filled with unexpected rollercoaster twists and intrigue!

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  • Lethal Dissection
  • Lethal Incision
  • Lethal Obsession
Main Tropes: Strong Female Protagonist, Criminal Cover-Up, Medical Conspiracy, Betrayal, Innocent Accused, Mysterious Antagonist, Hospital Intrigue, Race Against The Clock, Criminal Mastermind, Obsession, Reluctant Heroine, Missing Sibling, Revenge, Survival, Stalker, and Unpredictable Characters
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Martha heard the footsteps moving toward her. Her pulse accelerated with each advance, and she shut her eyes tighter and balled her fists.

A thought pierced through her frantic mind. Maybe she could pretend she was unconscious and buy more time that way. Time that would give her a chance to escape. So she tried to even her breathing and relaxed her hands.

Soon the footsteps stopped beside her. The man said nothing, but Martha could hear his heavy breathing.

Then he leaned closer, his foul breath assaulting her senses. The hair on her skin stood, her body itching to flee, yet Martha kept as still as she could.

A rough hand grabbed her forearm. A second later, a needle pushed into her arm, and the painful jab made her yelp.

“Goodbye, Martha Adams. This is for Anna,” she heard a gravelly voice say.

Her eyes flashed open to see a man in a black mask and hooded jacket. It was the devil again.

Martha screamed. No, she couldn’t die! Terror raced through her bloodstream as she thrashed against her restraints. Her mind scrambled to unravel the mystery—who was this Anna? Martha couldn’t remember.

Her pulse sped up again, and suddenly, she couldn’t get enough air. Her breathing grew rapid, and her lungs felt like they were being crushed under a weight. Martha jerked against the table, trying with everything within her to break free.

But the restraints of death refused to let her go.

Regret at everything she was about to lose flashed through her. Mr. Snickers, all alone. Tim. A missed chance at love.

As her limbs grew weaker and weaker, a tendril of her mind finally wrapped itself around a memory—Anna.
But it was...