Lethal Emergency (EBOOK)

by Dobi Cross
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A vacation turns deadly. A stare at death. Will doctor-to-be Zora Smyth survive?

Pre-med Zora Smyth deserves a break after graduating from college. A quick trip with a friend to Mexico for a relaxing vacation before starting medical school was supposed to do the trick.

But her good Samaritan efforts to help a stranger morphs her vacation into a nightmare and catapults her into a deadly game of survival where every second counts.

Can doctor-to-be Zora Smyth evade the clutches of death, or will her medical dreams crumble amid the chaos?

A short PREQUEL of the Dr. Zora Smyth Medical Thriller Series.

Main Tropes: Strong Female Protagonist, Exotic Locations, Mysterious Antagonist, High Stakes, Unpredictable Characters, Race Against The Clock, and Reluctant Heroine
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Locking eyes with the stringy-haired man dressed in a yellow, ballooning, gaudy shirt tucked loosely into nineteen-seventy jeans should have been the first warning sign. He leered at Zora Smyth with beady eyes and tobacco-stained teeth and flipped the finger at her.

Zora stiffened. She’d met slimy folks like him before, back at the free clinic where she’d volunteered regularly, and she wasn’t afraid of him. It was important never to show fear.

Her eyes narrowed, and she glared back at him.

The man’s eyes widened, and he swallowed.

Zora flashed him a wintry smile and turned away. That served him right. Did he think she was some young chick he could trifle with?

But then her face crinkled into a frown. Why her, of all people? There were other ladies in the hotel lobby where she now stood, some even more beautiful than her.

A wave of unease washed over Zora, and her stomach churned. The day never seemed to bode well when strange things happened to her.

“Hey! What’s the matter?” The voice of Zora’s best friend, Christina, drew her back to the present.

Zora schooled her features. It was best not to borrow trouble before it happened. “It’s nothing. Just looking around.”

Christina’s green eyes twinkled, and she looked ready to burst from all the excitement bubbling through her. “The hotel is beautiful, isn’t it? This is going to be a fun vacation!” She linked her arm through Zora’s. “Come on, let’s go check in.”

Zora bit back a smile and allowed Christina half-drag her to the check-in desk.

Christina was a force to be reckoned with in every sense of the word. Zora was sure they looked an odd pair: Christina, petite with flaming red hair and green eyes, and Zora tall and curvy with dark hair. They’d been best friends since middle school and lived together since college.

Christina handed their passports over to the front desk employee at the Los Marina Resort & Spa Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. The young man—who could have passed for a GQ model—beamed at them.

“Welcome to the Los Marina Resort & Spa Hotel,” he said.
“My name is Felipe.”

Christina turned red, and Zora shook her head with a smile.
Trust Christina to fall for a guy she just met. With her track record, Zora wondered how many more guys she’d fall in love with before their vacation ended. Thankfully, Christina was an expert at one-sided crushes; she’d never allowed her enthusiasm for handsome young men go any further than that.

Zora looked around the lobby as they waited. Its sprawling open-air layout spoke of an intoxicating blend of luxury, nature, and ambiance, and it didn’t help that it also displayed a breathtaking view of the azure waters of the Playa Chileno.

With college graduation just behind them, Christina had insisted they come here for their post-graduation vacation. She’d always enjoyed her trips to Mexico and had wanted to check off Los Marina on her bucket list.

Zora had read the seven-story hotel opened two years ago to a resounding success, furthered by a booming tourism industry in this southernmost city on Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Its forty-six guest rooms and suites were in such high demand it’d taken a miracle for Zora’s mother’s secretary to secure a last-minute booking at the hotel. Since the travel sites reputed it to be a great place to relax and unwind, Zora had obliged. It had mattered as little to her where they stayed, as long as she could have some peace and quiet.

That was why it was worrisome that the discomfort in her stomach lingered. Though she could no longer see the stringy-haired man in the lobby, it appeared the brief encounter had left behind a certain darkness.

Was this a warning? A premonition like something bad was going to happen?

Zora straightened and tossed the thought away. This area of Mexico was said to be safe, and besides, she was in one of the best hotels in the area. They’d planned to stay here only for a few days, and it wasn’t like they were going to go traipsing around the country.

What could go wrong?

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