A Cowboy Loves the Doctor Book Bundle (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Dobi Daniels
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GET THIS 4 BOOK COLLECTION of A Cowboy Loved the Doctors Series!

Welcome to Dexin, where swoon-worthy cowboy heroes fall in love with the confident medical heroines who choose them!

Grab this series in 1 bundle and binge it today!

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  • A Doctor Second Chance for the Rancher
  • A Doctor Blind Date for the Cowboy
  • A Doctor Enemy for the Cowboy
  • A Doctor Billionaire for the Cowboy
Main Tropes: Cowboy, Blind Date, Enemies to Lovers, Controlling Father, Doctor, Goat, Fake Relationship, Second Chance, He Falls First, Healing Relationships, Later in Life, Protective Hero, Social Class, Neighbors, Women Friendship, Redemptive Hero, Returning Home, Revenge, Ranch, and Secrets
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Zoey Brown froze, her face warming up more than the hot Saturday sun she'd just walked in from. How could this have happened to her today of all days?

“Ma’am, your skirt is ripped,” the cool baritone voice repeated quietly behind her.

Zoey bristled even as the scented smell of cleaning supplies from the nearby detergent aisle assaulted her nostrils. Yes, she'd heard him the first time. Did he have to repeat it again? She fought the urge to reach back and touch the rip that had appeared as she’d leaned forward to place her groceries on the checkout counter.

It served her right. She should have just stuck with the pants and jeans that had been her uniform for over a decade. Instead, she’d opted for a black skirt and a sleeveless peach blouse, which went wonderfully with her sun-kissed skin, for a change. Today's weather forecast had predicted it would be the hottest day of summer. Who knew the universe would reward her efforts with this unwanted publicity on her first day in Dexin Valley?

Zoey bit her lip. She couldn’t continue standing here, pretending nothing was wrong. How was she going to get herself out of this pickle? Her jacket was in her car, too far away to reach without taking a walk of shame through the store and out into the parking lot. How could she deal with this in the gracious manner her stepmother liked to harp on without becoming the day's side show in the tiny grocery store that seemed to be serving half of the town's population right now?

She could feel the curious gazes from the other shoppers around her. It didn't help that this was the day she'd decided to wear her comfy white granny underwear instead of the more sophisticated lingerie that filled her wardrobe. Now all it did was serve as a white flag against the contrasting black skirt, calling attention to the tear.

Something fell on Zoey's shoulders, and she flinched. She looked down only to see a dark brown plaid shirt—long enough to extend beyond the hem of her skirt—resting on her shoulders. It carried the faint scent of sweet hay, leather, and fresh grass, a fragrance that seemed to warm her more than the shirt itself. 

Zoey turned in relief to see who the owner was, and her eyes met the warmest brown eyes she'd ever seen—twin mirrors that seemed to reach down into her soul. The broad-chested young man towered over her five-foot-seven frame, and his eyes held a look of concern as they searched her face.

“Hope you don’t mind, ma’am,” he said, gesturing to the shirt. “Are you okay?” he asked in the same voice she'd heard earlier...