Lethal Obsession (PAPERBACK)

by Dobi Cross
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Dr. Zora Smyth has only one choice: fight the enemy or end up dead.

Chief surgical resident Zora Smyth only planned to solve the nameless patients case that landed on her operating table and complete the rest of her residency in peace. It shouldn’t be as difficult as facing false murder charges from a serial killer, or enduring a brush with death, right?

But her search for the truth makes her the target of a ruthless adversary, one much closer to her than she imagines and obsessed with turning her most feared nightmare—losing her reputation, license, and her life—into reality.  

With a larger-than-life enemy nipping at her heels, Zora races to clear her name, save her medical license, and stay alive while doing so. 

Will she succeed or will she lose her life at the hands of an enemy and an organization willing to trample everything she holds dear?

BOOK 3 of the Dr. Zora Smyth Medical Thriller Series.

Main Tropes: Strong Female Protagonist, Criminal Cover-Up, Hospital Intrigue, Obsession, Conspiracy, Serial Killer, Criminal Mastermind, High Stakes, Missing Sibling, Race Against The Clock, Reluctant Heroine, Stalker, Unpredictable Characters, and Survival
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The cop led Dr. Zora Smyth to a holding cell with three other occupants—two women in their thirties who looked like they’d been around this block a few times and a young woman in her early twenties crouched in a corner with her head down in her lap. She didn’t react when he pushed Zora in and slammed the metal bar door behind her.

Zora avoided eye contact with all three ladies and headed to an unoccupied section of the tiny cell. The place stunk, and Zora forced back the bile that rose in her throat. She tucked herself into a corner and let her head fall back against the dirty wall.

This was so unreal. Murder? How could they even think she was the culprit? It had to be a mistake. But a judge wouldn’t have issued an arrest warrant unless they had some sort of evidence, and there was no way they could have any unless…

She sat up. Was that what was happening here? Planted evidence?

“Hey, you!” a voice called out.

Zora didn’t respond.

“I’m talking to you, rich kid.”

Zora looked across the cell in the voice's direction to see the two women glaring at her. She? A kid? Zora was likely only a few years younger than them.

“Yes, I’m talking to you,” said the one with unwashed stringy blonde hair tied off by a dirty ribbon, while the other glowered at her.

Zora said nothing and looked away. She had no beef with them or any reason to make matters worse for herself in this place. ‘Keep your head down and mind your business’ in a place like this was the one thing she’d learned from Marcus—her beloved friend and big brother—and from his juvie stories.

“Oh, no she didn’t!” The blonde-haired woman jumped to her feet, her face distorted by a sneer.

The hair on Zora’s arms rose. This was a confrontation she didn’t want, yet Zora stayed alert all the same. For all she knew, the woman had a weapon on her that the cops hadn’t picked up on.

The woman lurched at Zora...

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