Her Billionaire Nemesis (PAPERBACK)

by Dobi Daniels
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Can the heart-broken consulting executive give her billionaire workplace rival a second chance at love?

Stacy Goldman has the Midas touch—every project she’s ever executed has turned to gold… except for love. Determined to only focus on making partner at her consulting firm after having her heart broken, she’s shocked when her nemesis, Damian Fox, wins her coveted spot! 

Billionaire Damian Fox had no choice but to break Stacy's heart a year ago. Now he's back and determined to melt the ice around her heart. 

But when he gets her dream job, will he be able to earn back her trust, or will the ensuing revelations render them an unfinished project?

A short STANDALONE billionaire romance.

Main Tropes: Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers, CEO, Jilted at Love, Secrets, Second Chance, and Workplace Romance
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Stacy stared at the laptop screen in shock. The light flooding in through the thirteen-foot floor-to-ceiling windows on her left didn’t change what she was seeing.

She blinked to keep away the tears that threatened to spill over. She would not cry, not if she was still Stacy Goldman.

The list of new partners had come out as expected today, the first of April, the beginning of Stanton Consulting’s fiscal year. But Stacy had not made the cut. There’d been no name starting with the letter G on the list, no matter how many times she’d scanned the email in the hope it’d been a mistake.

She’d been told she was a shoo-in for the position. Every year, senior managers from the Audit, Tax, and Management Consulting arms of Stanton Consulting got a chance to vie for partnership. For the Management Consulting group, where Stacy belonged, two or three senior managers were typically chosen.

But that had changed this year. There would only be one new partner, and the group’s leadership had assured Stacy she was the obvious choice.

She gritted her teeth and let out a heavy sigh. She’d worked hard all year just for this. Stacy had sold over ten million dollars’ worth of new work, had successfully executed large projects for the firm, which resulted in more paid work from her clients, and had groomed her mentees to become heavy hitters at the firm. She’d lived up to her nickname, Midas, for being able to turn everything she touched into gold, even the projects the firm had given up on.

The only outstanding proposal she hadn’t completed was the one for Sincerus Steel Industries, a major player in steel manufacturing and shipbuilding. The steel company had always been resistant to external consultants, and that included her firm. To be fair, the proposal had only come on her radar two days ago and didn’t count.

There was no reason she shouldn’t have made the partner list.

She took another look at the email and stiffened. She peered closer and blinked to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. There was a name there she hadn’t expected to see.

Her nemesis, Damian Fox.

Stacy's hands curled into fists and bile rose in her throat. How was this possible?

Stabs of pain shot up her hands as her nails bit into her palms. Stacy had hoped she’d never hear or see that name again.

Meeting Damian had been the worst mistake of her life.

They’d been rivals since she joined the firm six years ago, risen through the ranks at the same speed, and worked together several times on the same project, where they’d fought like cats and dogs.

But somehow, she’d always ended up doing most of the work, while he’d seemed to just coast by. Yet Damian had received all the praise from the client, just because he was the man on the job. He’d even disappeared from the firm a year ago—all she’d heard was that he’d taken a leave of absence.

Now, it appeared he was back.

And just like that, he’d taken her spot again...

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