A Billionaire Butler for Christmas (EBOOK)

by Dobi Daniels
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Can the resilient survivor’s embarrassing crash into him open the heart of this Christmas-allergic billionaire butler to love?

Geoffrey Hart, the enigmatic billionaire butler of the prestigious Dexington family, has always been a Christmas skeptic, haunted by past losses.

When Emily Roth, a resilient survivor with her own painful Christmas memories, crashes into Geoffrey's life, sparks fly, and not the good kind. Blaming Geoffrey for her abrupt job loss during the holiday season, Emily and Geoffrey find themselves caught in a whirlwind of escalating tensions.

However, as Geoffrey attempts to make amends, he soon discovers there's more to Emily than meets the eye!

With the innocence of a little girl and the magic of Christmas gradually softening their hearts, will their love story become the heartwarming Christmas miracle they both desperately need?

BOOK 2 of the Dexington Christmas Billionaires Series.

Main Tropes: Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers, Christmas, Secrets, Healing Relationships, He Spoils Her, Little Girl, Protective Hero, and Holidays
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Geoffrey watched in horror as a lunch bag flew into the air and hit the edge of the clothes rack, which ripped the bag, splattering dark brown liquid with a strong coffee smell all over the pajamas gift he’d come to pick up.

He stiffened and swung his eyes to see who the culprit was, the person that had unleashed this mayhem. But a sharp indescribable pain hit his core at that moment.

Geoffrey gasped, and his knees buckled and hit the floor. With the most intense pain he’d ever experienced shooting through his body, he looked down only to see a foot—encased in a high heeled shoe—against his most sensitive area.

“Are you okay?” Geoffrey could hear the shop manager’s voice as if in a distance, but he focused on taking deep breaths to bring the pain under control.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” another female voice said, which he guessed belonged to the culprit. He felt hands grabbing his arms as a soft gardenia scent filled his nostrils.

“Don’t touch me!” Geoffrey croaked out as he waved the hands away.

But then his eyes swung up at her…

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