A Billionaire Dentist for Christmas (EBOOK)

by Dobi Daniels
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She has to save her dental practice by Christmas and his business is shutting hers down. Can the sassy dentist and the billionaire dental surgeon let go of their enmity long enough to give love a chance?

In the idyllic town of Dexington, Christmas brings together two unlikely souls. Veronica Brooks, a sassy dentist and co-owner of a thriving practice with a love for the local orphanage where she once called home, has endured heartbreak during past holiday seasons and now faces the ultimate challenge: rescuing her dental practice from impending closure just in time for Christmas.

Jude Stone, a charismatic billionaire and maxillofacial surgeon, returns to Dexington to escape a relentless stalker but harbors a deep aversion to Christmas festivities.

As the holiday season unfolds, their initial animosity evolves into sparks of undeniable attraction, drawing them closer with each encounter… until Veronica discovers Jude is the owner of the dental clinic that threatens to shut down her practice.

Amid escalating tensions and swirling emotions, can Veronica and Jude set aside their differences to embrace love during the most magical time of the year? 

Dive into this heartwarming tale set against the backdrop of twinkling lights, laughter, a mischievous dog, and the heartfelt dreams of a young boy to find out if their love can become a Christmas miracle.

BOOK 3 of the Dexington Christmas Billionaires Series.

Main Tropes: Billionaire, Christmas, Enemies to Lovers, Dog, They Both Fall First, Doctor, Little Boy, Meddling Neighbors, Holidays, and Second Chance
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Something heavy crashed into Veronica. Her eyes flew open, and her arms flailed in an effort to find support. But there was nothing to grab onto, and she landed on her backside on the cobblestone.

Ouch! Veronica hoped her tailbone was not broken. What just…?

Her eyes widened in shock as a large slobbering tongue began to lick her face. The most beautiful dog she had ever seen, with a silver-grey coat and warm blue eyes, was lapping up her face like she was the most delicious ice cream he’d ever tasted.

She couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up from her throat. Veronica had always wanted a dog, but she hadn’t expected to become a treat for one.

“King, get off her!” a deep masculine voice commanded.
King? For goodness sake, who named their dog King?
The dog whined but obeyed, and then the dog owner came into view.

Well, well, well. If the dog was King, what would she call the owner that looked so delectable she could just stare at him all day? The beautiful—yes, beautiful instead of handsome—man standing in front of her looked at her with concern oozing from his warm brown eyes. Tall with his hair cut longer at the top and tapered on the sides, he wore a short well-groomed beard that finished off his polished masculine look.

The real-life Adonis extended a hand to her. “I’m so sorry about the dog. Let me help you up.”

Her eyes couldn’t help glancing at his ring finger. No ring. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t married—types like him never stayed long on the single market.

Veronica accepted his hand but almost let go from the immediate electric sparks that shot through her arm at their touch.

Hello! What was that? This man was supposed to be a total stranger. She had no business feeling this way with him.
“Are you okay?” he asked, oblivious to the thoughts that were running through her mind.

Her eyes darted to his lips as he spoke, and she almost melted. Veronica had never seen such kissable lips on a guy before. Gosh, he was really beautiful...

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