A Doctor Second Chance for the Rancher (EBOOK)

by Dobi Daniels
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Can a reluctant rancher let go of her past and open her heart once more to the laid-back doctor she loved decades ago?

Maggie Fields is a dedicated rancher, a loving guardian to three successful foster sons, and a doting grandmother. But when the man who shattered her heart years ago unexpectedly reappears, Maggie is torn. Will she risk her heart a second time?

Peter Taylor, a widowed general surgeon at the pinnacle of his career, has raised two accomplished children but feels an emptiness within. So when he runs into his long-lost love, Maggie, while on a road trip to visit a friend, Peter is determined to find out why she left him many years ago. 

Ending up trapped together in a rustic barn, old wounds and secrets resurface. Will Maggie and Peter find the courage to confront their past, mend their broken hearts, and give love a second chance? Or will the weight of their untold stories keep them forever apart?

PREQUEL of A Cowboy Loves the Doctor Series.

Main Tropes: Ranch, Second Chance, Forced Proximity, Later in Life, Goat, Cowboy, He Falls First, Meddling Family, Widower, Road Trip, Stranded, and Secrets
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Dr. Peter Taylor blinked twice as if in a trance as four hooves flew toward him. He ducked at the last minute, but he still ended up flat on the cobblestone driveway in front of the ranch’s main house, the four black hooves narrowly missing his head. It had to be a dream, right?

“Oh, my goodness! Are you alright?” asked a soft but confident voice with a hint of a Bostonian accent. “Ornie, shoo.”

It was definitely not a dream as Peter watched his assailant—a black goat with frosted ears—gobble up what looked like a cookie from the ground, shake its head, and then prance away like nothing had happened.

“Are you okay?” the person asked again.

Peter swung his eyes toward the voice that had spoken.

His eyes widened, and his response froze in his throat.

In that moment, his world as he’d known it tilted. Everything around him faded away, except for the one woman standing in front of him.

Martha Fields. The last person he’d imagined finding here. She’d exited his life over thirty-two years ago, shattering his heart into shards.

Now, here she was, still as stunning as ever with short, silvery hair that framed her graceful features—any imperfections that had come with age making her even more perfect—gazing down at him with those soft brown eyes that had always had a way of piercing deep into his soul.

Then he heard the sharp inhale, and his heart pounded like a hammer against his rib cage, like it could exit any minute. She’d recognized him!

And that was how Peter met the one woman he’d never thought he’d ever see again in the most unimaginable way ever—his sunglasses askew, and his butt squashing a pile of horse dung.

“Peter?” she asked, her voice quivering. “What are you doing here?”

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