Dexington Doctor Billionaires Book Bundle (EBOOK BUNDLE)

by Dobi Daniels
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GET THIS SPECIAL COLLECTION THAT INCLUDES 5 books in the Dexington Doctor Billionaires Series!

Heartwarming romances of billionaire doctors filled with unexpected twists and delicious happily-ever-afters that'll make you sigh with happiness!

Grab this series in 1 bundle and binge it today!

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  • Loving the Billionaire Heir Doc
  • Loving the Billionaire Owner Doc
  • Loving the Billionaire Army Doc
  • Loving the Billionaire Boss Doc
  • Loving the Billionaire Cowboy Doc
Main Tropes: Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance, Doctor, Protective Hero, Fake Engagement, Secrets, Cowboy, Marriage of Convenience, Little Girl, Women Friendship, Workplace Romance, Boss/Employee, Later in Life, Best Friend's Sister, and Celebrity
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David froze. “What?” This must be some kind of joke. They couldn’t be serious about this.

“I know it sounds strange in this day and age to talk about an arranged marriage,” his mom chimed in. “But when I found out who their daughter was, I figured it was worth a shot.”

His mother must be kidding. It didn’t matter who the girl was. He wasn't getting married, especially to someone he hardly knew.

But something she’d said piqued his curiosity. Who was this girl that could make his mom, the great advocate for all things love, change her mind? “And who is this young lady?”

His mom gave his dad a look before responding. “Jasmine Banks,” she said.

David stiffened. It’d been a long time since he’d heard that name, but all the memories associated with it came flooding back. His chest tightened like a boulder had landed on it, and David forced himself to take a deep breath. “Jasmine Banks? The same one from high school?”

“Yes,” she said.

David couldn’t help but laugh. His parents had finally lost their marbles.

There was no way he'd marry Jasmine Banks, not even if they tied him up and dragged him to the altar...