Loving the Billionaire Boss Doc (EBOOK)

by Dobi Daniels
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Can the billionaire doctor boss resist the talented executive competing against him for the CEO spot, the same beautiful woman who’s his best friend’s little sister?

After Jason Silvers, breast surgeon and uninterested heir to his family’s hedge fund, saves a beautiful young woman from crashing into a senior citizen near a coffee shop, he never expected the incident would end his career.

So when his best friend invites him to join his multi-billion-dollar company as President of its breast reconstruction division with a chance to become the company’s interim CEO, Jason jumps at the opportunity.

But then he discovers there are other candidates vying for the top spot at Landisil Silicone, one of whom is none other than the beautiful woman from the coffee shop—his best friend’s little sister!

Gabriella Landi, Vice President of Landisil Silicone’s Sales division, believes the CEO’s job should be hers… until she runs into her surprising competitor, the last man she expects to stand in the way of her dreams. To make matters worse, he’s now her boss!

As unexpected feelings develop between them, can they set aside their loyalties and ambitions and give love a chance, or will they shut the door on the love staring them in the face?

BOOK 4 of the Dexington Doctor Billionaires Series.

Main Tropes: Billionaire, Best Friend's Sister, CEO, Workplace Romance, Doctor, Controlling Mother, Protective Hero, Secrets, and Women Friendship
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“Watch out!”

Gabriella looked up to see herself careening toward an old lady crossing the road right ahead of her, who seemed oblivious to her surroundings. Gabriella pressed the brakes to slow down, but it wasn’t enough. The old woman was coming up too close!

Suddenly, strong arms grabbed her handle bars and steered them toward the sidewalk. The bike swayed and then collapsed, and Gabriella landed on a solid mass of muscle.

The darkest pair of brown eyes she’d ever seen stared back at her. There was something familiar about them, like she’d known them a long time ago, though she couldn’t remember where or how.

“Ma’am, are you alright?” asked a beautiful baritone voice that made her heart skip a beat.

Gabriella’s face grew warm, and she scrambled off him. “I’m so sorry… thank you… I didn’t mean…” She looked to see the old lady had made it safely to the other side of the road. Thank goodness. Then she turned back to her savior.

The man, who looked to be in his early thirties, got up and dusted the beige spring trench coat he wore over his suit.

He could very well have been a model for a high-end men’s magazine with the effortless way his clothes framed his body. Gabriella was still a sucker for good-looking, well-dressed men, though she’d learned her lesson not to judge a book solely by its cover.

“Are you alright?” he asked, the hint of a British accent coming through.

It was just her luck. Why did she have to encounter her deadliest combination today? Who wouldn’t swoon at a gorgeous man with a British accent...

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