A Doctor Enemy for the Cowboy (PAPERBACK)

by Dobi Daniels
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An opinionated cowboy, and the headstrong doctor who can’t stand him. Can they let go of their enmity and secrets long enough to give love a fighting chance?

Dr. Tara Ellis was already having a rough day in her rush to make the wedding her best friend invited her to, so a clash with the aloof cowboy was only the tinder that finally sets her off.

Cowboy Rex Dexin, preoccupied with thoughts of reconnecting with his estranged family, sees the complaints from the dark-haired firecracker as an annoying buzz of gnat flies he can’t wait to get rid of and hopes he never sees her again.

But to his surprise, they cross paths again at the wedding, where Tara turns out to be his brother’s fiancée’s best friend.

As they’re forced to spend time together, and sparks fly between them, can they let go of their enmity long enough to give love a fighting chance, or will their hidden secrets ultimately destroy any chance of a future together?

BOOK 2 of A Cowboy Loves the Doctor Series.

Main Tropes: Cowboy, Enemies to Lovers, Doctor, He Falls First, Meddling Family, Ranch, Women Friendship, Secrets, Forgiveness, Healing Relationships, Mistaken Identity, Returning Home, Redemptive Hero, and Second Chance
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The man turned to Tara. “Can I help you with your bag, Miss…?”

“Just call me Tara,” she said. “Thanks for the offer, but I can carry my bag just fine.”

“Okay. And I’m Rex. Nice to meet you.” He offered her his hand.

Nice name, and it seemed he wanted to make peace. Tara hadn’t forgiven him, but she could accept a truce if it meant she would get a ride. So she accepted the handshake, which was firm just like she’d expected.

Except for the jolt of electricity that coursed through her arm at his touch.

She dropped his hand and turned so Rex couldn’t see her burning face. What was that all about? He was a stranger for goodness’ sake. “Let’s get going,” she managed to say.

Tara didn’t wait for his response and followed the signs that led to where the elevators would be. She heard footsteps behind her and assumed it was Rex even as she halted in front of the elevators that led to the underground parking lot. And before she could, a large hand reached past her and pressed the elevator button.

The elevator arrived almost immediately, and Tara stepped in. Rex did the same. The guy seemed to fill the elevator with his presence, but she ignored him and stared straight ahead. But as the elevator doors were about to close, a hand reached out and stopped it.

“Excuse me,” a pot-bellied man wearing a white shirt with billowy sleeves over brown breeches said as he led a large group into the elevator.

Tara moved to the back of the elevator, pulling her carry-on luggage to her side, and watched as members of the party piled in. They all wore one form of Renaissance outfit or another, as if they were off to some Renaissance festival. Maybe that was the event that had caused the rental company to run out of vehicles.

But then a very masculine and unapologetic scent, with a hint of woody musk and leather enveloped her. Tara turned to see Rex standing right next to her other side, closer than she’d have expected.

The butterflies in her stomach began to flutter. What was it about this man that he affected her so? Tara had shied away from relationships over the years, and it had suited her just fine. Of course she’d had admirers, but none that made her want to inhale their scent—like she did with this man.

Tara turned away from him. No! She couldn’t allow herself to think such weird thoughts.

Then the elevator lurched, and suddenly a tidal wave of bodies slammed into her, knocking her off her feet.

Tara’s arms flailed as she fought to regain her stance. Instead, she flew forward and soon smacked into a solid body in front of her, her face landing on another’s.

Tara froze. No, it couldn’t be.

She heard a collective gasp that affirmed that what she’d thought a dream had really happened.

Tara blinked as she stared into the pools of chocolate that were Rex’s eyes.

Her lips smashed against his.

Which, by the way, were surprisingly soft.

Tara’s face and neck grew warm. She gasped just as he pulled back, jerking against the wall of bodies that had slammed into her from behind in the tightly packed elevator, the scent of strong perfumes warring with the disinfectant smell that was native to the elevator.

She took a deep breath as she fought to hide her mortification. “I’m sorry,” she managed to mutter, turning her face down to hide it from view. This is so embarrassing!

Tara wished she could just shrink into a ball and roll away. What would he think of her now?

Calm down, Tara, she thought to herself. No need to panic.

“Are you alright?” Rex asked, his deep voice stealing past her defenses...

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