Lethal Reconciliation (PAPERBACK)

by Dobi Cross
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Dr. Zora Smyth has the choice to crush a hidden threat and save lives. But it may destroy her before she gets a chance. 

Chief surgical resident Zora Smyth never thought her undesired fame in the media would land her in charge of the medication reconciliation work no one else wanted. 

Yet she figured it was a welcome change from facing false murder charges from serial killers and fighting off attacks on her life. And it gave her the precious time she needed in following-up new leads in finding her long-lost sister. 

But Zora soon stumbles upon evidence of a hidden threat buried in the hospital’s underbelly that puts the lives of her loved ones and those around her in jeopardy. 

Will she expose the truth and destroying the threat, or will she lose the lives of those dear to her at the hands of an enemy willing to do whatever it takes to stop her?

BOOK 4 of the Dr. Zora Smyth Medical Thriller Series.

Main Tropes: Strong Female Protagonist, Hospital Intrigue, Criminal Mastermind, Innocent Accused, Serial Killer, Mysterious Antagonist, Missing Sibling, Race Against The Clock, Reluctant Heroine, Found Family, Unpredictable Characters, and Survival
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The young man in scrubs slipped into the Intensive Care Unit cubicle filled with the faint smell of life amid the aura of death and glared down at the man lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

A tube snaked from the patient’s mouth, and an IV line extended from his left forearm. His chest rose and fell in sync with the rhythmic beep of the cardiac monitor, though his breaths were slow.

“You old bastard,” the young man whispered to the patient. “So you want to live after what you've done? Well, that won’t happen.”

He extracted a syringe and needle from his medical coat, pricked the IV bag with the needle, and emptied the contents of the syringe into the bag before increasing the IV line’s flow rate.

Then he slipped out of the ICU the way he had come, hoping to be far gone before they discovered the patient was dead. The young man hastened down the hallway and into the stairwell, stripping off his disguise as he raced down the stairs.

By the time he arrived on the ground floor, he looked like any other visitor to the hospital instead of the doctor he’d pretended to be. Even the glasses were gone.

The young man exited the hospital’s main entrance and hurried to the next street over, where he discarded the disguise items in a dumpster that was about to be emptied by the garbage crew coming down the street.

Then he walked away.

Sixteen down, four more to go...

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